$233,000 for — Tesla Rival BYD Launches Electric Supercar that Could Take on Ferrari


The automotive world is abuzz with the recent launch of BYD’s electric supercar, a compelling contender that could give even Ferrari a run for its money. Priced at $233,000, this innovative vehicle from BYD aims to redefine the electric supercar landscape, challenging the dominance of both traditional combustion-engine supercars and electric vehicles like Tesla. In … Read more

Insider Sell: CrowdStrike Holdings Inc’s Chief Accounting Officer Disposes of Shares

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InfraCredit Admits AIICO Insurance as Second Domestic Institutional Investor

InfraCredit, Nigeria’s leading infrastructure credit enhancement facility, has recently announced the admission of AIICO Insurance Plc as its second domestic institutional investor. This strategic partnership between InfraCredit and AIICO Insurance is a significant step towards strengthening Nigeria’s infrastructure development. InfraCredit’s mission is to enhance the credit quality of infrastructure assets in Nigeria, thereby attracting long-term … Read more

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Investor’s Business Daily: Your Source for Stock News and Market Analysis

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Crypto Crash News 6/7: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana to XRP, DOT, AVAX – top crypto prices fall up to 10%

Crypto Crash News 7th June: Prices of many top cryptos once again decreased in the last 24 hours while the global crypto market cap shrunk to $1.22 trillion, down 4.52 percent over the last day, according to CoinMarketCap data at the time of writing (9.25 am). Bitcoin’s (BTC) price is once again in the Red and … Read more

Crypto Firms, Especially Exchanges, Slash Jobs as Market Rout Continues

Many crypto companies are announcing substantial job cuts and hiring freezes amid challenging times for cryptocurrency and equity markets. The prolonged downturn in cryptocurrency prices, along with broader tech sector woes, has led to a growing number of layoffs at crypto firms as participants brace for a bumpier ride ahead. On Thursday, the Winklevoss-led crypto … Read more