7 Best Fantasy Sports Games in the USA

If you are a sports fan, you won’t mind using your knowledge and expertise to earn some money. You can win hundreds or thousands by playing fantasy sports games.

There are several fantasy games and platforms available for several sports. You get to make your team of professional players, and if they perform well in that match, you might earn decent rewards.

According to research, the market size of fantasy sports will be around $43,370 million. Let us take a look at some of the finest fantasy apps.

1) Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo Fantasy Sports is the most reliable and used fantasy app in the United States of America. It covers sports like,

  • Football,
  • Basketball,
  • Baseball,
  • Hockey.

You can make your team daily and participate to win big. You can take part in a public or private league. You can create and join a private league/group of your own and invite your friends or families to compete.

2) DraftKings

It is similar to Yahoo Fantasy Sports and offers a messenger and an easy-to-use interface. You get features like fast updates, trading options, etc. too.

DraftKings advertise a lot about their enormous winnings. But nobody knows if you will ever get through the daily/weekly fantasy sports bucket. So, if you plan to quit your regular job to make this fantasy sport your full-time job, you might want to change it. The winning cash prize can vary from $1 to $3 million.

One of the most popular features of this app is the weekly contest they organize. You do not get free games, but the paid ones offer good prizes. It covers fantasy sports like,

  • Basketball,
  • Football,
  • Golf,
  • Hockey,
  • Baseball,
  • Soccer,
  • MMA,
  • CFL.

It gives you live updates of MMA games quickly. But, if you want to watch MMA on your TV while playing Draftkings on your mobile, you can use a PPV(Pay Per View) and watch a live game on an Amazon Firestick. However, it can be expensive. PPV events are reserved for high-profile sports events and can cost a lot. But, if you want to explore some cheaper or even free options, you can click on this link.

3) SuperDraft

If you are a newbie in fantasy sports, you might want to use the SuperDraft app. You can win a lot of money by winning. It has a simple UI that makes navigation easier. It does not offer a salary but a multiplier to the players. You get leagues like,

  • NBA,
  • MLB,
  • NFL,
  • NHL,
  • PGA.

4) Fanduel

Fanduel app is the direct competitor of the Draftkings app. The only noticeable difference is that you do not get many free and reliable options here. You can create daily or even weekly contests here.

You can also compete with worldwide players. You can also check your opponents before the game starts. It also gives a decent offer to the users. You can sign up for free and bet up to $500. If you lose that first bet, you will get a full refund but in the site credit. However, if you win, you take home all the rewards.

If you want to use a fantasy sports app that has a clean, simple, and intuitive UI, you might want to give FanDuel a try.

5) ESPN Fantasy Sport

The reason why ESPN Fantasy Sport is so popular is that it offers fantasy sports games like,

  • Baseball,
  • Basketball,
  • Hockey,
  • Football.

It also gives you amazing features and is free to play. You can customize your team and use a logo from the large collection it offers. It gives you the most personalized fantasy sports experience.

You get features like,

  • Player Ranking,
  • Mock drafts,
  • Material Design,
  • Projections,
  • Track your weekly performance.

You can win big cash prizes and stay up to date with the latest sports news.

6) Fantasy Football Draft Wizard

It is one of the best fantasy apps in football. You get features like,

  • Players Info,
  • Draft Analyzer,
  • Cheat sheets,
  • Mock Drafts,
  • Live draft assistant.

However, this fantasy sports game does not provide you with games for free. The price to participate might be expensive for many.

7) CBS Fantasy Sports

This app comes with a complete package, and that is why it is a strong competitor to all the apps. It offers you,

  • To draft players from anywhere,
  • Snake drafts,
  • Mock drafts,
  • Live drafts,
  • Season projections for individual players,
  • Latest news,
  • Scout reports(advice),
  • League.

You can also track your score, get quick and accurate updates, and weekly matchup recaps. You can chat with other players through the league chat option. It offers news and videos, yet the team management page is clean and easy to navigate. You can play fantasy games or sports like,

  • Hockey,
  • Baseball,
  • Basketball,
  • Football.


These seven apps are the most used fantasy sports apps in the USA. You can pick any app and set up a fantasy team to win big prizes. Many users are joining every day, so competition is at its peak. You might want to make good strategies, and stay updated regarding the team news, statistics, player availability, etc.